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True Human Hair Frequently Asked Questions

1: Are the inventories and prices of the hair the same as in store?

  •  Ans: Yes all prices are the same online and in store.


2: What is the weight of the hair?

  •  Ans: 3.5 ounces per bundle


3: How long does your hair last?

  • Ans: As long as you take care of the hair the bundles could last you up to a year


4: Can the hair be bleached and colored?

  • Ans: Yes the hair can be bleached and colored


5: Is your weft sealed?

  • Ans: No, our weft are thick enough to prevent shedding


6: How many do I need?

  • From 12”-14” = 2-3 bundles
  • From 16”-24” = 3-4 bundles
  • From 26”-30” = 4-5 bundles
  • From 34”-40” = 5-6 bundles


7: Does the hair shed?

  • Ans: Yes, however zero to little


8: Will there be more hair types in variety?

  • Ans: Yes, we intend to introduce more True extensions as an addition to the one we currently have.


9: Will the quality of the hair change overtime?

  • Ans: Our intentions are to keep manufacturing fresh hair over monthly intervals; therefore the quality of the hair will only change by improving but poor quality is not expect to be associated with the True Hair brand.


10: Do we custom color hair?

  • Ans: No, we do not custom color hair